Toshiyuki Honda

Saxophone / Composer


Toshiyuki Honda was born 1957 in Tokyo.  He began his professional career as a saxophonist during his high school years, and while studying in college, in 1978, he released his debut album "Burnin' Waves". Since then, he has worked vigorously and more than 20 original albums have been released.  The sound of his soprano sax is really dazzling, now highly reputable as the leading saxophonist in Japan. 


Honda is a saxophone player, but also an all-round composer for television dramas, commercials, movies and classical music.  In 1987, he has been credited for his superb works in Mr. Juzo Itami's film "A Taxing Woman", and has received Best Music Award in the Mainichi Film Competition and Japan Academy Award. Subsequently, Honda managed the musical production of other Itami films such as "A Taxing Woman's Return", "A・GE・MAN~Tales of a Golden Geisha", "The Last Dance", "MINBO~or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion", "Super no Onna" and "Marutai no Onna", and has received Best Music Award in four of the abovementioned films.

He composed soundtrack of animation film "Metropolis" which released world wide in 2001, and also composed soundtrack animation film "NASU–Summer of Andalusia" which was shown by Cannes international film festival in 2003.

Various soundtrack albums have been released.

His new CD "GREETINGS~Homage to Adolphe Sax”(KING RECORDS)is released in 2014.  

Honda's talent is apparent in many other films as well, but he is also well-known for his theme songs for prime time news programs such as "News Station (1989_1993)" and "Close-up Gendai(1999_2004)", and also for a major NHK dorama called "Kaze no Haruka(2006)",Fuji TV drama "Kazoku Game".He has released more than 20 original albums with major Japanese and international musicians,including Chick Corea,M.Vitous.


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