Mamoru Fujieda



A leading figure of Japan's postminimalism movement, Mamoru Fujieda was born in 1955 and first studied composition at the Tokyo College of Music, then received his Ph.D. in music from University of California, San Diego in 1988. Fujieda is internationally recognized as one of music's outstanding younger composers. Working with artists such as John Zorn, Yuji Takahashi, and Malcolm Goldstein, he composes music that emerges from his fascination with the essentially collaborative formation of music. Fujieda has developed methods of composition that depart from the minimalist tradition, charting a new terrain that liberates music from subjectivity by immersing it in a network of relationships.

Among his numerous methods, he has pioneered a new structure of composition that he calls "parasitic," since it consists of grafting new material onto a "rhizome" of original melody borrowed from sources such as Bach, Gregorian chant, or medieval secular music. Whether working with the Butoh dancer Setsuko Yamada to produce sound sculptures that emerge from a mutual reaction between the dancer and objects that she touches, or reading the minute electrical currents flowing through an orchid to express nature's undulations, Fujieda's work represents an innovative approach that fuses technology to biology, composer to performer, and music to audience. His The Night Chant and the first six collections of Patterns of Plants appear on the TZADIK label. 


  • ラジエーテッド・フォーリング/藤枝守2009.09.18 on sale Tower Records
  • Patterns of Plants 22008.10.28 on sale Amazon
  • クラヴィコードの植物文様2008.03.26 on sale Amazon Tower Records
  • 本 響きの考古学―音律の世界史からの冒険2007.02.01 on sale Amazon
  • 藤枝守 植物文様ソングブック 今日は死ぬのにもってこいの日2005.09.30 on sale Amazon Tower Records
  • 植物文様ピアノ曲集~藤枝守作品集2000.12.13 on sale Tower Records
  • 楽譜 植物文様ピアノ曲集 藤枝守2000.10.04 on sale Amazon
  • 本 響きの生態系―ディープ・リスニングのために2000.03.01 on sale Amazon
  • 箏組曲「植物文様」藤枝守作品集1999.11.30 on sale Amazon Tower Records
  • Patterns of Plants1997.09.16 on sale Amazon
  • 遊星の民話/藤枝守ピアノワークス(ピアノ:高橋アキ)1991.01.01 on sale Amazon