Masanori Kato

Piano / Composer


Masanori KATO, Compser/Pianist


Masanori Kato, composer / pianist, graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a first-class honors degree and then finished the master’s degree. He has written lots of works such as opera, orchestral works, chamber music works, songs and chorus for a various musicians, which have been highly-praised ever abroad. He released the first piano solo album titled “SOLO” in 2001 and the music books of that CD also came out. “Five Sonnets” for a female chorus, and “ASHITA NO UTA”, a suite for chorus, words by Masumitsu Miyamoto and his other pieces also have been published in Japan. Mr Kato composed “Slovakian Rhapsody for Alto saxophone and Orchestra” commissioned by a fantastic saxophone player, Mr Nobuya Sugawa in 2005. It took a world premiere at Suntory Hall in Tokyo performed by Mr Sugawa and Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. Mr Sugawa recorded this Rhapsody in his album as a soloist (Seikyo Kim, conductor and Tokyo Symphony Orchestra). This work was also performed in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2009 and got a highly acclaim by full audience there.

Mr Kato’s first opera “YAMATANOOROCHI” (2006) had a great reputation on mass media such as Nikkei newspaper. Recently his new opera “Byakko” (2012) as a tribute to Fukushima recovery project won the 11th Yoshio Sagawa Music Award. His works have always beautiful and fresh lyricism inside keeping a distance from contemporary music and have broadcasted many times by NHK-FM radio. His producing ability and lecture skill have been highly praised so he deserves to be called a multi artist. He has appeared in many concerts so far as a pianist playing with so many famous musicians, too.

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