Minako Koyanagi



    Her career as a pianist deserves high praise for her chamber music performances. As the wife of saxophonist Nobuya Sugawa, she has been performing with him for nearly 30 years. She has played the piano parts of almost all duo pieces written by Takashi Yoshimatsu, Akira Nishimura, Jun Nagao, Fazil Say, Chick Corea, Ryuichi Sakamoto and many others which were dedicated to and premiered by Sugawa. She played as the second-soloist when they performed “Cyber Bird Concerto” by Takashi Yoshimatsu with Philharmonia Orchestra, and others.

    Playing with the ensemble, Trouvère Quartet, which Sugawa is a member of, is also a major part of her career. She has been playing with them for 30 years. The quartet and Koyanagi have made as many as 11 albums together.

    She has released a solo album that includes Takashi Yoshimatsu’s pieces, and also has released a CD as a duo “Pa De Chat” with the percussionist Takako Yamaguti.

Koyanagi’s greatest charm is her sensibility of capturing the subtleties of emotion and her flexibility to play along with those emotions of various players. She is a musician whom so many players eagerly hope to work with.


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