Takehiko Yamada

Piano / Composer


Takehiko Yamada studied composition at the graduate school of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He studied in France and graduated with the premier prix in piano accompaniment from the Paris Conservatory. During the period, he played with 2E2M and L’itineraire as a soloist. In addition to that works, he played as an accompanist in many classes at CNSM de Paris, etc.. He has been planning many concerts based on a new style.

Photo ©︎Shigeto Imura


  • 朝のコンサート 波多野睦美(メゾソプラノ) 山田武彦(ピアノ)2011.12.21 on sale HMV Tower Records
  • Liebestraum~愛のおくりもの Trio 972011.05.25 on sale HMV Amazon Tower Records
  • 薔薇の騎士(篠崎史紀with山田武彦)2010.11.20 on sale HMV Tower Records
  • 武満徹/SONGS(腰越満美,羽山晃生,山田武彦)2008.11.25 on sale HMV Amazon Tower Records
  • 石あそび 山田武彦によるサヌカイト音風景12008.03.20 on sale Amazon
  • イタリア近代歌曲集Ⅱ(嶺貞子=ソプラノ、山田武彦=ピアノ)2006.09.21 on sale HMV Amazon Tower Records