Yuji Takahashi

Piano / Composer


studied composition with Shibata Minao, Ogura Roh and Iannis Xenakis

1974-76 edited quarterly

1976- collaboration with the painter  Tomiyama Taeko producing several narrative works with slides and music

1978-1985 the Suigy? Band (Water Buffalo Band) for Asian protest songs and published monthly

1990- composing for voices and for Japanese traditional instruments



  • ブゾーニ:ソナティナ集2008.05.21 on sale HMV Amazon Tower Records
  • Solo2007.06.20 on sale HMV Amazon Tower Records
  • 高橋悠治コレクション全13タイトル2006.06.21 on sale Amazon
  • 水牛レーベル第8作 日本語で歌う冬の旅 歌:斎藤晴彦 ピアノ:高橋悠治2005.11.01 on sale
  • バッハ:ゴルドベルグ変奏曲2004.11.17 on sale HMV Amazon Tower Records