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CD「Masterpieces」がApple MusicやiTunesでも視聴いただけます!

2017-07-31 10:10:39

須川展也の最新CD「マスターピーシーズ」は、Apple MusicやiTunesでもお聞きいただけます。

Nobuya Sugawa's latest CD "Masterpieces" can also be listened on Apple Music and iTunes. Please check it out!

Chick Corea : Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano “Florida to Tokyo” [2016/ Commissioned by Sugawa]
Fazil Say : Suite for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Op. 55
[2014/ Commissioned by Sugawa]
Takashi Yoshimatsu : Cyber Bird Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra, Op. 59 (Piano Reduction)
[Piano reduction by the composer in 2015/ The original Sax and orchestra ver. was composed in 1993-94. Commissioned by Sugawa]